23 November 2013

The Lost Thing

What follows is an Academy Award winning film version of one of the best works by Shaun Tan.

Hope you like it!


Here's additional information about an exhibition on the film-making process based upon this book. If you're interested, you can watch a related video that shows part of the work.


15 April 2012

Back to school again!

Early one morning, a mother went in to wake up her son. "Wake up, son. It's time to go to school!"

"But why, Mom? I don't want to go."

"Give me two reasons why you don't want to go."
"Well, the kids hate me for one, and the teachers hate me, too!"

"Oh, that's no reason not to go to school. Come on now and get ready."

"Give me two reasons why I should go to school."

"Well, for one, you're 52 years old. And for another, you're the Principal!"

Well, it's hard for everyone!!!!! WELCOME!

23 February 2012


Listen to the following famous songs. Each of these songs has in their lyrics different conditional sentences. 

Let’s discover them! Which is the conditional in each song? 

15 February 2012

07 February 2012


Many cities around the world are celebrating Charles Dickens' bicentenary today, so why not pay one of the major novelists in English Literature a little homage and see the following videos? Happy Dickens' Year!

(Check http://www.dickens2012.org/ for full information on this event)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-16850193 (BBC News: 200th anniversary celebrates the works of Dickens)

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-16846438 (BBC News: Charles Dickens bicentenary: The Dickens industry)

06 February 2012


THE SKETCH SHOW                                         
This video is an American version of a previous British sketch from the programme “The Sketch show”. This sketch was called “the Phobia convention”

1) MATCH the beginning with the end of the sentence:
The man in the brown jacket
The blonde girl.
The man in the dark jacket 
The girl in the pink blouse

 is terrified of repetition
 is scared of apologies.
 is afraid of silences.
 has a fear of the word which is spelled “aagh!” (screaming).

2) Answer the following questions with your partner.

  • Are you afraid of any of these? Do you know anyone?

  • Which are the most common phobias? Write a list

  • In the video you have just watched, which of these expressions are not recommended?

Sorry!               Aagh!       -Hi!                                     Hello!
(Silence)                                                    I apologize for that…
(Screaming)                    Can you repeat that?       

3) this is another video, this time the original version, the British sketch.. It was titled “the Phobias workshop”. You’ve got the option of reading the subtitles too.